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SL 11: Jermaine :iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 5 5
Averte Faciem Tuam :iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 13 1
Mature content
SL: 10. Memorial Party :iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 1 2
SL: 9.What's Next?
Finn had gotten bored with the new sense of peace throughout the lands.  
Usually he found moments before the entire 'murderer' fiasco nice and relaxing, considering he was the sole hero of Ooo.  He didn't hold a grudge since he didn't the princesses or villagers lift a finger when they were in trouble, leaving him to do all the work.  I mean, he didn't mind that all of them could increase defenses, find ways to prevent given situations, or do what should be necessary to keep a kingdom in check.
No, Finn didn't hold a grudge at all.
The blonde human actually only found the new set of chaos fun since he was the one that started it.  Fun like that made him feel like he had total control over all of the country.  Control had been the one thing he never had before.  Finn was the one who had to listen to others, 'for his safety', 'for the good of others', or 'for his ideals'.
Abandoning those ideals lead to the best days of his lif
:iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 4 3
Mature content
SL: 8. Whole New World? :iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 9 18
SL: 7. Memories Of Him
Snow flurried past the windows of Finn and Jakes tree house, leaving white streaks and scratches due to the speed of the wind.  The wind caused the tree house to feel like it was bending and breaking, even due to the barriers the two heroes put on the walls.  Temperature had gone down to a low close to an ice age, where you could see the breath come out of your nose, never mind your mouth.
And while all the commotion of the snow storm carried on around him, Finn couldn't help but think how ironic it was.
"Flip dude!  You'd think that since Ice King was gone that we wouldn't have to see snow again!"  Jake said, wrapping himself in another layer of scarves, which surrounded his body like several anacondas.
"Yeah man."  Finn replied, in deep thought.  He had been quiet after he had killed Ice King with Fionna, after the funerals and the measly goodbyes.  The blonde had been trying to take control of the new situation of
:iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 5 33
Mature content
SL: 6.Madness and Lyrics :iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 7 29
Sour Lemonade Advertisement :iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 3 12
SL: 5.Insanity In Pairs
Finn ran through the halls of the Candy Kingdom, looking for Fiona with his breaking heart in tow.  He couldn't believe killing the Earl would lead to him losing Bubblegum forever.  It had gone horribly wrong.
'Still, you enjoyed it when you stuck the man's heart.  Didn't you, Finny?'
"Shut up.  That isn't my problem now." Finn said to himself, ignoring the stares of the candy citizens he passed.  "I just need to find that girl."  The blonde boy mumbled to himself, tears stinging his eyes from the event before.
'You can't deny me forever boy.'
Finn kept on running, until he heard a female voice say two familiar words.
"'Silly Boy.'"
Finn, who had turned into a deserted hallway at the time, stopped and stood when he heard the last thought.  He didn't know where that had come from.
He looked around him, seeing nobody in the hallway, but his eye stopped at a glowing figure near a door at the end of said passage. 
:iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 14 11
SL: 4.Stealing Cinderella
Finn and Fiona looked at each other in shock in finding another one of their species in their lifetime.  It was just silence between the two, only broken by Jake snickering in the back ground.  Cake just smiled at the two, who start to wake from their trances.
"Y-Your human?!"  They both shouted in unison, causing the whole room to stare at the two.  When everyone registered that the two were human, murmuring started throughout the palace.
Fionna, who started to register the fact she wasn't the only one of her species, snapped out of her reverie and stared at the boy.  She couldn't help but notice that he had muscles forming on his arms and legs.  Finn was doing the same, wondering how someone could look that amazing in a skirt and t-shirt.
When they realized what they had just thought, they both blushed at each other.
Jake decided to intervene by saying, "Well, if you two would stop checking each other out,
:iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 16 22
SL: 3.Across the Land
The meeting of royalty was bigger than the last time Finn had seen it, when he had to fill in for Princess Bubblegum.  From the rumours he heard, they had come from a seperate kingdom, similair to Ooo and its ways.  Same kingdoms, same rules, and same cultures.  Just different rulers.
But even they seemed to act like the rulers of Ooo.  They were mostly princes from kingdoms that had the same rules as the princesses.  Hot Dog Prince, Muscle Prince, and even a Slime Prince.  Perfect matches for the princesses, even by style.  Though, due to the state of panic, nobody noticed the similarities.  Except Finn.
He walked by the groups of princes, surprised by the fact that there were so many of them at the same time.  He thought men were nearly an extinct spcies in the kingdoms.  He had recently remembered hearing the name before.
The Land of Aaa.
The blonde boy kept looking all around hi
:iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 16 13
SL: 2.The Other Human
Finn clutched his head, the hat not present on his head at the moment.  He rocked back and forth where he sat on his bed, the blind hair falling into his dark black eyes, reflecting the mood he was in.  He was wearing his favorite shirt and a pair of jeans that went a little bit past his ankles.  The ends of the jeans had dark, tentacle like design that went half way to his knees.  He had to put them on due to the weather change.
While on the outside, anyone with a mind could tell his was in discord.  On the inside, they would have been terrified and shocked to see the images, due to the boys reputation.  Finns mind toiled over the night Lemongrab "disappeared".  "Murdered would be more percise." Finn whispered to himself, a twitch wracking through his body.
Lemongrab on the tree...the dark dagger...and giving Jake the blood of that Earl.  What had he become that night?
He was good at pretending he was fine
:iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 17 26
Then and Now
Your black dress flows,
through the wind.
While the song,
starts to begin.
My heart speeds,
when I take your hand.
I'll dance with you,
until the end.
Your beauty is,
completely divine.
I wish I could,
claim you mine.
What was I to you?
An empty tomb?
A dumb fool,
who couldn't stop falling for you?
With a flick of your hair,
and a cheery laugh.
You did nothing to stop,
for letting me in your grasp.
All you wanted was answers,
not needing my affection.
I'm glad you were caught,
before my corrections.
I should have made you,
get the wrong notes.
So there wouldn't be stitches,
where I had to get my heart, torn apart, sown.
:iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 1 3
Mature content
MLRS: 3.Without the Glasses :iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 17 15
SL: 1.Making Lemonade
The Earl rode on his lemon horse down the winding road, the sun setting on what appeared to be a magical scene. There was flowers of every color moving with the light breeze, creating the illusion of serenity. The sun seemed to be painting the sky with the wonderfull colors of the rainbow, a masterpiece to unfortunatly to be ruined by night.
But the Earl wasn't looking at the scene with satisfaction. His mind was else where, to the current events that unraveled that day.
"The kingdom was supposed to be mine! They would all be in the dungeon if I was still there ruler! She created me, but that doesn't mean I have to listen." He talked bitterly to himself, knowing no answer would come. He just kept on talking in his annoying, shrill voice, not paying attention to the scene around him.
Or to the person nearby. 'Closer, come on, closer. It'll all be over soon.'
"Those servants will fall under my wrath if Bubblegum decides to become young again. And that insufferable boy!" The Earl stopped
:iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 29 91
A Whole Other Wonderland
It was a regular day at the Ceychelles Asylum, the biggest mental institution in New Orleans French District. There were yells coming from the starch white doors that stood side by side in the dark gray hall ways of the asylum were dulled by the doors thick wood work. The smell of needles filled with drugs wafted through every door, the rattling of pills seeming to bounce off of each wall enough to make you cringe. The opening of a door way seemed to let you hear a section of hell for the prisoners of the white rooms.
Two doctors of a distinct age differences walked down the hallways, their conversation nearly covered by the echoing of their footsteps on the strictly clean floors and squaking wheels of passing carts. Lemon scented floor wax only mask the other smells, making it even more unpleasent then it should have been.
"Sir, is the patient I'm supposed to be working with ready yet?" the younger had asked in anticipation, looking in the early twenties with a mop of reddish-brown ha
:iconlyokosreaper777:LyokosReaper777 2 7


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